Huebert Fiberboard History & Information

Huebert Fiberboard Inc. was founded by Cornelius Huebert and his sons, Jake and Harry.  The company was incorporated in the state of Missouri in January 1960.  In the early 1970's Jake Huebert purchased the business from Cornelius.  Jake Huebert and his two sons, Gerald and Randy Huebert ran the factory until 1990 when Gerald and Randy purchased the company from Jake.  The name of the company was changed in 2001 to Huebert Brothers Products LLC.  Randy and Gerald were the co-owners of the business until December 2003 when W.R. Meadows Inc. purchased the company.  The name was then changed back to Huebert Fiberboard Inc.

 Huebert Fiberboard Inc. is the smallest of 4 fiberboard manufacturers in the United States.  Huebert Fiberboards capacity is 50 million square feet per year.  As a small company, SERVICE is a very important part of Huebert Fiberboards business.  The friendly, skilled sales department has a direct dialog with the production department resulting in quick answers to customer's questions about possible delivery dates and board availability.  We communicate with our customers and make an extra effort to ensure that Huebert products are delivered on time, as scheduled.  Also, UL and FM make inspections as required for their approvals.
All our products meet ASTM C208-95 standards where applicable.
Our products are environmentally friendly since they are made from recycled materials - wood chips and waste paper.


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