Archery Board Sizes

4' x 1' x 1" Archery Board
2' x 4' x 1" Archery Board
4' x 4' x 1" Archery Board
4' x 8' x 1" Archery Board

Now you can own the superb wood fiber target that leaves arrow shafts residue free.  Huebert Fiberboard Archery Targets, in use at shooting clubs and ranges, is made of all natural wood fibers with no glue, plastics, or bonding agents that leave residue on arrows.


Archery Target Sizes

2' x 2' x 12" Archery Target
3' x 4' x 12" Archery Target
4' x 4' x 12" Archery Target
  This extremely durable target provides a safe, reliable backstop.  Serious shooters find it superior to compressed cardboard, excelsior or foam.  It is an excellent choice for both range and individual use.  
If you have any questions, want to place an order or want to check availability, please call (660) 882-2704.
Due to the weight of the archery board we are unable to ship archery products. All archery board and targets must be picked up at our location in Boonville, MO.  Also, at this time we are only able to take cash or checks for archery products.  Thank you.

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